Krause again nominated for Interactive "Artist" Award

Dutch electropop artist Krause has again been nominated for the Interactive Artist Award with her custom made iPhone game. The iPhone game was released in December to accompany her new single 'Something smells fishy'. She is the first Dutch artist to replace the traditional music video with an interactive game.

Krause and web developing company Zidiot joined forces to create a innovative concept to promote Krause’s music. The gaming industry is blooming, in which music plays an important part. Krause and Zidiot figured this would also work the other way around, and developed an iPhone game which functions as an alternative for a regular music video for Krause’s new single Something Smells Fishy (release december 17, 2012 on Basserk Records). Th track has been written for this concept by Krause and Sjam Sjamsoedin (Nobody Beats The Drum).

Krause hopes to win the Interactive Award, which is anually awarded to the most original and innovative interactive concept to promote music. The winner of the award will receive a  € 5.000,- cheque and the much wanted award.

In 2010, Krause already won the Interactive Award for the powerful and personal way she uses social media, like Twitter and YouTube, to interact with her fan base. 

Earnings model of the game
The "tilt" game is designed to be extremely addictive. Similar iPhone games such as Angry Birds and Tiny Wings have been thoroughly researched to see which aspects make them so successful. Every time you play Krause’s game you will hear the track ‘Something Smells Fishy’ which sticks to your brain like velcro. You can download the game for free in the App Store, when you are ‘Game Over’, a direct link to buy the single on iTunes appears.

Technical insights
The back end of the game gives Krause an insight who is playing her game, where they are playing it and how many times they are playing it, this is due to the use of Google Analytics. This data gives her the possibility to focus promotional activities more directly on the areas where the game is being played the most, which will come in handy when Krause’s new album is released in February 2013. 

#somethingsmellsfishy and Social Media
Krause wouldn’t be Krause if there wasn’t a social media aspect attached to this concept. First of all, you can directly post your highscore through the iPhone game on Twitter. The hashtag #somethingsmellsfishy will be used. 
Secondly, there will be flyers spread all over the Netherlands with the text ‘Something Smells Fishy’ printed on it. People can hold the flyer at something nasty (turds, pulverised pigeons, fur collars, you know the drill) make a photo of it and post it on Twitter using the hashtag #somethingsmellsfishy. The most original entrants win a Herring Meet & Eat with Krause during the Eurosonic 

Game 'Something Smells Fishy'

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Download Krause Game images for print (CMYK)


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